Distinct Rooms Make A Home Feel Larger

Recently a professor I teach with asked me about a house just down the street from mine.  It is a striking new build home with a great profile of two gables and the entry centered between. Not exactly traditional exterior,  yet not modern a wonderful comfortable blend. It has been off and the market for... Continue Reading →


Kansas City Kappa House Tour 2014

  It is that time of year! I am volunteering to work a shift as a hostess for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Holiday Home Tour. I was a Kappa at K-State and loved every moment. Many of my lifetime friends came from being roommates at 517 Fairchild Terrace together! Balancing my architecture degree with my... Continue Reading →

Happy Client!

Happy Thanksgiving!   I am a tad bit late but wanted to share a nice note I received last week from a client. It is true I do care as much about your home as you do!   Hope your holiday was wonderful! This time of year potential client calls increase due to celebrating the... Continue Reading →

Award Winning!

Whew it is OCTOBER! Summer flew by. I have been busy designing wonderful projects and working on my own house. An August  highlight was receiving a Design Excellence award from KC Magazine for a renovation/addition to a Prairie Village Kansas home near Corinth Shopping Center. It is the 5th KC Design award I have won and fourth house... Continue Reading →

Coolaroos are cool and spoofable!

Last week on Mother's Day I wrote about being both mom and an architect.  Actually Mother's Day is a very important change of  seasons here in Kansas City.  At least for my family it is. Three very important events happen: 1. The hard top on  my Jeep Wrangler is replaced with the soft top for the summer to allow easy top... Continue Reading →

Released From The Clutter (image and article)

This is a great read!

Postcards Without Stamps

I attempted to do the impossible over Christmas – I set out to part with one-third of my belongings. When I announced it to my husband and our toddler my husband worryingly replied: ‘But that means that one of us needs to go.’ :)

Well.. not quite.

All that went was the evidence of overcommitment: unread books, unused items, not-yet-or-not-often-worn clothes, forgotten home decorations, disliked music, excessive stationery and other neglected bits and pieces. I was very happy to remove them from my sight and give us back the space where we could hear our thoughts without having our attention pulled in many disparate directions. We needed a home that will stop us from being preoccupied with what we haven’t done and instead allow us to do what we want to do. Do you have a space like that? Space where you can stay relaxed but focused? Space that calms…

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FIVE home design tips for the new year!

Ready for a Happy New Year? 2012 has been an INCREDIBLE  year. I have had the pleasure of meeting with extraordinary clients who are kind yet very determined and passionate about the space they will call home. Being invited into someone's house to meet with them and listen about their home future plans is always a treat! I take it seriously. While it... Continue Reading →

Maho Bay Camps St.John USVI

It has been a year since I spent spring break on the island of St John in the US VI. Do I think about it almost everyday? YES! It was a wonderful and inspiring trip. How can a spring break vacation possibly have anything to do with my home blog you might wonder? Everything and... Continue Reading →

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