The Handmade House

  It was three degrees this morning my tile installer told me. He added that is without wind chill factored in. He was here promptly around 9 AM to finish grouting my kids’ bath. 2014 was the year of finally doing work around our own home. The danger of being an architect and also being... Continue Reading →


#archimom and what her kids know

I am an #archimom to three teenagers. I can only hope they have fond childhood memories. My sole proprietor practice is residential,  single family homes with clients that become friends. I also teach a first year Environmental Design Studio at University of Missouri-Kansas City and print make in my tiny amount of free time.  ... Continue Reading →

Happy Client!

Happy Thanksgiving!   I am a tad bit late but wanted to share a nice note I received last week from a client. It is true I do care as much about your home as you do!   Hope your holiday was wonderful! This time of year potential client calls increase due to celebrating the... Continue Reading →

Coolaroos are cool and spoofable!

Last week on Mother's Day I wrote about being both mom and an architect.  Actually Mother's Day is a very important change of  seasons here in Kansas City.  At least for my family it is. Three very important events happen: 1. The hard top on  my Jeep Wrangler is replaced with the soft top for the summer to allow easy top... Continue Reading →

Interior Doors!

here is the link and the entire article I wrote for the Kansas City Star on interior doors! update link has been removed by KC Star site so here is article...     DRAWING BOARD Drawing Board | Interior doors shouldn’t be an afterthought Mirrors, glass and sturdy construction are worth the extra expense. By REBECCA RIDEN... Continue Reading →

Squirrel’s Happy Halloween Home

Happy Halloween! I couldn't resist.  A fun celebration of my 20th post! A perfect custom home! He got a jump start on carving!  My kids will  happily carve windows (eyes) too! Maybe even skylights also! He might not like the fireplace (candle) though! Enjoy!    

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