Joy Of Design

  I just finished reading Stephen King’s memoir On Writing. It was recommended as a must read guide if you like writing. His process of writing is very similar to how I design.  When I taught first year design studio, I explained to students that one day your building would design itself. Listen carefully to... Continue Reading →


Being an Architect

I recently was given the best gift, a drawing titled “Sky High Environments.” It was created by a nine year-old aspiring architect. I was thrilled she was inspired to think about architecture by watching her parents design and build their new farmhouse. On career day at school, she even dressed as an architect carrying the... Continue Reading →

2016 Year of Beauty

  Happy New Year! I am a tad late getting this blog written as I started the New Year in Florence, Italy.  Alas New Year's Day was the last day of our trip. Now that I am home in Kansas City designing a stack of projects, I can't help but daydream about the beautiful details... Continue Reading →

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