Not So Big House author at TEDx San Diego

Looking for a great way to start the year? Wanting  to get started on a home addition or  dreaming about a new home but don't know where to start? I recommend  the NOT SO BIG HOUSE series of books to all perspective and seasoned clients. A wonderful resource of inspiration and great details. The author... Continue Reading →


Cozy Home

“I want my home to be cozy, a warm inviting family house.”  I often hear that when meeting clients for the first time. When you hear the word “cozy” what image pops into your mind? I think about homes I have designed on paper and then visited built and moved in to see them full... Continue Reading →

Not So Big House = a great book!

One book I always recommend to clients is The Not So Big House: A Blueprint For the Way We Really Live by Sarah Susanka.   Actually this is a series of books by the author who is an architect.  All the books are a great reference for anyone thinking or even dreaming about a new house or how to improve their... Continue Reading →

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