House Architect is a blog for anyone interested in making a house a home.

House Architect is a blog about designing a home whether it is a small addition, whole home renovation or a complete new house. I have had the pleasure of designing my clients homes for years and enjoyed sharing the design process with them. Sharing is the why I really like being be an architect. It isn’t my house but theirs! I am a detective figuring out what they like. I believe everyone has a house or even a room they dream about living in but the trick is getting it on paper and getting it built.

 I really enjoy designing homes where every square foot counts. An efficiently planned  home is the first step to being green. How to make a small space feel larger and where to spend the square footage are exciting challenges! Part of the design puzzle is also figuring out exactly how you live so you can build right sized! I also am frugal by nature and work hard to get the best design at the best price. Good design doesn’t need to be expensive, for me it is more about spending the money where you will enjoy it.

I have thought about a blog for years as I am asked the same questions over and over!!

My Blog Goals:

  1. Share ideas I always encourage clients to think about when designing their homes.
  2. Favorite products I believe are worth the splurge.
  3. Tips to keep sane when everything is taking forever to move forward or so it seems.
  4. Books, websites and magazines I use for inspiration
  5. What I have learned from clients!

 I am a licensed architect in Kansas, Missouri and New Mexico.  I have worked in Baltimore,  Charlottesville VA, Albuquerque NM. For 15 years I have had a one person home based practice in Prairie Village, Kansas a suburb of Kansas City. I have designed new homes and renovations throughout Kansas and Missouri. Before starting my practice, I worked for large and small architecture firms designing a variety of building types. I am thankful to have the experience of working on the design teams for college buildings, museums, office buildings, restaurants, schools, retail and high-end homes. Really high-end homes in Aspen and Telluride Colorado. Every project is a chance to learn something new!

I have a family and enjoy spending weekends watching my children play their sports.  We follow the work hard= play hard philosophy and try to keep it balanced so there is fun! I like to laugh!! As a mom of three kids who also juggles an architecture practice,  I have a special interest in how a well planned house can enhance your daily life, even in small ways like being able to find soccer shoes(both!)  in a moment or have convenient places to stash all the backpacks, lunch bags and coats that come and go daily or how a well laid out kitchen saves time! 

Please feel free to send comments along the way.  Thanks!


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