#archimom and what her kids know

I am an #archimom to three teenagers. I can only hope they have fond childhood memories. My sole proprietor practice is residential,  single family homes with clients that become friends. I also teach a first year Environmental Design Studio at University of Missouri-Kansas City and print make in my tiny amount of free time.


My daughter and #archidad in front of her Bowdoin College Dorm. Stowe Hall 1996 William Rawn and Associates. Doesn't everyone know the architect for their child's dorm?! Notice the picture includes the entire building!
My daughter and #archidad this fall in front of her Bowdoin College Dorm. Stowe Hall 1996 William Rawn and Associates. Doesn’t everyone know the architect for their child’s dorm?! Notice the picture includes the entire building!

I work out of my home studio and often have client meetings at my dining room table. My children have shared the panic of picking up the house when a client calls to just drop by drawings impromptu. They have also been rustled from their beds early (9 AM!) on a Saturday morning to ensure they will be dressed when a client arrives. On the flip side they have traveled to vacation homes I designed, stared wide eyed many years ago when a client dropped by dressed as Santa and enjoyed living though many renovating projects over the years. To say it is unique to have a mom architect is an understatement. Add in the fact that my husband is an architect with his own practice doubles the odds that there will be a random sketch on the back of permission slip.

I thought about exactly how we made through the years with infants and toddlers while homes were were being designed and built. Some days it was sheer survival mixed with sheer delight!  I will work on a survival list sometime for #archimoms with small tots. The best tip for today: NEVER sign up, volunteer or be drafted for the decorations committee for any school/child event.   Don’t go there – Trust me! There are moms way more skilled with balloons, crepe paper, flowers, posters and such than I can ever hope to be. Truth be said my less is more design sense doesn’t translate well to school parties, carnivals, auctions, homes tours or banquets! There are plenty of other areas to help or volunteer or use your project management skills!!

Instead of a list of how to survive designing and parenting, I thought about my teenagers and what they experienced with their #archiparents!

Top ten signs your mom or dad is an architect:

  1. You never say cement “it is concrete”
  2. Your first day of school pictures might include the entire building
  3. The smell of drywall mud is comforting. You often wonder if they make a drywall mud scented candle.
  4. You always win at Jenga and built amazing block “structures” in preschool
  5. Your parent often wears black and always has cool glasses.
  6. You don’t know what wallpaper is.
  7. You only have levers no knobs in your life.
  8. A vacation always includes a tour of an historic place or new building.
  9. You have no fear of heights as handrails and guard rails were rarely installed during “just a quick tour” of projects during construction.
  10. You only color in one direction!

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