Coolaroos are cool and spoofable!

Last week on Mother’s Day I wrote about being both mom and an architect.  Actually Mother’s Day is a very important change of  seasons here in Kansas City.  At least for my family it is. Three very important events happen:

1. The hard top on  my Jeep Wrangler is replaced with the soft top for the summer to allow easy top down access,

2. The flower pots on the deck are filled with beautiful flowering annuals

3. The Coolaroos are installed!


Okay truth be told with my daughter  away at college the flowers did not materialize.  The annual trip to the nursery  is delayed a few weeks. The Jeep is summer ready and the Coolaroo is up. This year we are trying just one of our Coolaroos rather than previous use of two. The shade tree we planted years ago has matured enough to happily shade us both part of the deck and the southern face of our home. I love this crabapple tree yet I am not quite sure of it’s exact species. It has a maximum diameter of 24′ so we strategically  placed it about 13′ from our home and it doesn’t drop it’s fruit. What? Yep once the fruit appears it doesn’t fall off and mess the yard. As a kid, it was my job to pick up apples from the trees in our yard. Some were in great shape and easy to collect while others were a gooey mess. Not  having to pick rotten apples was intriguing for me. Little did I know that the fruit says put until picked. Picked that is by a hearty group of squirrels and birds all winter!  A living bird feeder.

Back to the title our Coolaroos were spoofed. My husband was explaining the annual installing of the Coolaroos to a friend when he Googled  a picture to show what a Coolaroo is. I have blogged about my Coolaroos before so my images… the pictures I took are already online. Low and behold MY picture of MY deck with MY Coolaroo is being used on a website with a copyright stamp placed diagonally across it. Years ago a wise builder told me the only people who worry about being cheated are cheaters! This is a great example someone using someone’s else picture and then having the nerve blast a copyright diagonally  on it!!!




 p3-coolaroo shade sail


I admit it is a great picture. I teach a first year college architectural design studio.  How do you define a space? How many points are there in a space to define it? Any guesses? 8 yep EIGHT! Think of a cube with  8 corners… think of a room it has 8 corners. Yes it is a very basic explanation but when first starting design it helps to understand how spaces are defined and why some spaces work and why some are fuzzy not well defined. I took the picture to show that Coolaroos can define a space to create an exterior room. I took the picture in the space to show the Coolaroo as a ceiling.  If anyone doubts I took this picture or read my Sunday NY Times under it today please note the handmade clay sun on the wall of house I made with my kids! Not sure  if I am flattered or mad but like my Coolaroo in any language!




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