Not So Big House author at TEDx San Diego

Looking for a great way to start the year? Wanting  to get started on a home addition or  dreaming about a new home but don’t know where to start? I recommend  the NOT SO BIG HOUSE series of books to all perspective and seasoned clients. A wonderful resource of inspiration and great details.

Home Design Books
My favorite home design books. Notice I have 2 copies of The Not So Big House? One is a lender copy for clients who haven’t read the series and want to read it right away!

The author of these wonderful books Architect Sarah Susanka  recently spoke at TEDxSan Diego. Wonderful way to spend a few minutes to learn about her philosophy not only on NOT SO BIG HOUSE DESIGN but also on the NOT SO BIG LIFE! A wonderful quote from talk  “Help people make houses better rather than bigger. Not knock socks off neighbor but a home that fits YOU to a tee.” ahh music to my ears!

I am going to make the first project of the new year …ME!!  Project number one with time set aside for writing and printmaking. What do printmaking and writing have to do with the daily operations of my architecture practice? More than you might realize. Writing for me, whether a blog post or an article  helps me clarify design ideas. It forces me to distill what I am thinking into a few key words. I am often asked the EXACT same questions by perspective clients so I am writing it ALL down so I can say please look at my blog I have the answers there.  I wrote them down just for you!

Printmaking is a chance to draw, design and think without a specific problem to solve which allows me to daydream and recharge my creativity. Printmaking provides a fixed time for me to work either by limited press time.  Also the actual time I have before the ink dries on plate and  won’t run well through the press without sticking to paper creates a deadline for me! I use presses away from my home studio which allows a chance to pack up for the day and plan the printmaking event in advance.

What will you work on this year?! Here is the youtube link enjoy!


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