FIVE home design tips for the new year!

Ready for a Happy New Year? 2012 has been an INCREDIBLE  year. I have had the pleasure of meeting with extraordinary clients who are kind yet very determined and passionate about the space they will call home. Being invited into someone’s house to meet with them and listen about their home future plans is always a treat! I take it seriously. While it can be an incredible amount of fun to transform a home or build a dream home it is not for the faint of heart. Anything worth doing well takes effort and perseverance. I want to say thank you to all my clients this year for letting me be part of your life while we design your home!

In an effort to share the kindness that has come my way this year I want to share a few helpful hints for anyone considering a home design project!

After picture of a farmhouse with new front porch and a southern side porch.
After picture of a farmhouse with new front porch and a southern side screen porch.
Before picture of a farmhouse. Owner wanted a home to have more character and a welcoming front porch with enough space for a swing.
Before picture of the SAME farmhouse. Owner wanted home to have more character and a welcoming front porch with enough space for a swing.

Ten FIVE home design tips to keep in mind during design.

  1. DREAM. Think about how you live right now and how you  imagine your future. and Pinterest were made for dreamers!
  2. TIME. Take the time to do it right. Everyone is anxious to get started but planning and making sure everything is decided before you start can save you time. Really? YEP!  Spending time to plan can save you time.
  3. BE HONEST. This goes to my jetted tub clients who have NEVER used their tubs in ten years. I have decided there are either those who like a soaking tub and will use a tub or those who have never used one in 5 years and might never use one again in the next 5 years. So with that in mind don’t stray too far from your everyday life when designing which brings us to…
  4. WONDERFUL A new home or extensive renovation can be wonderful and inspiring  but at the end of the day food needs prepared, clothes need washed and phones charged. Don’t forget the small details and how everyday activities should have the space to do them well and the way you like to do them! Think about how your FAMILY lives and how your home can help you live better.
  5.  TEN PRIORITIZE  Item Five is not item TEN. Yes I can have a list of hundred items here but a very wise editor at the Kansas City Star once told me pick 5 topics and do them well. Same idea for home ideas you can have hundreds of ideas in a home but some are more important than others. Make a list and you will be surprised of how many items/ideas you can reach but be prepared to be flexible…view or more storage in a kitchen translates to windows versus cabinets. It is your home so YOU can decide. Be strong and consider your options. your friends will want to help, your family will want to suggest ideas and your window and cabinet-maker will also be very happy to share an opinion. Many opinions can confuse and cause doubt so keep YOUR big ideas handy and remember this time, this house is all about YOU :)

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