Interior Doors!

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Interior Glass Pocket doors photo by Jim Barcus Kansas City Star



Drawing Board | Interior doors shouldn’t be an afterthought

Mirrors, glass and sturdy construction are worth the extra expense.


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        The doors inside your home are a key part of a new home design or renovation. And even on their own, they’re a worthwhile upgrade.

Consider how many times a day an interior door is used. Careful attention is needed when deciding on a style or size.


Often clients are surprised to learn that they have the option to select an interior door style for their home. If a door is not selected by the homeowner, the standard default is a hollow six-panel Colonial molded door. A solid interior door with frame and panels is more expensive than a hollow one, but just one test swing at a showroom, and clients are sold on the feel of a sturdy and beautiful door — they bring back memories of an older home.

Sometimes doors are the first items to be replaced on a home renovation dream list when clients say their existing ones feel flimsy.



Mirrored single panel door. Photo by Jim Barcus Kansas City Star


Even within a door style there are many options. Craftsman-style doors with simple square detailing can have several panels within their frame or just one. What makes sense with your home? Do you want to dress it up with applied trim, accent arches with an arched top panel or quietly add detail with an elegant yet, simple panel design?

Once a door style is selected, other features should be considered. The panels can be glass, providing a great solution where you need acoustical privacy but still want to see into a room and feel connected to nearby activities. The glass doors can help create a quiet zone within the house for reading, homework or even to make a phone call while the adjacent room has a television or music playing.


Interior doors can be pocket doors, which slide completely into a wall and out of the way. Pocket doors are a good option for a small room, hallway or where wall space is a premium.

Doors can save wall space, too, if a full-length mirror is desired in a bedroom, bathroom or closet. You can add a mirror to a single panel door easily for a custom traditional look. Many door manufacturers will allow the option of a mirror on one side.

Even the numbers of doors in an opening should be thought through. A pair of smaller doors or a bifold door rather than one large door can save space, frame the doorway and add interest. The size of the door is a key thing to consider. Examine the doors you have now to confirm what size works for you. Often, larger bathroom and bedroom doors are selected to accommodate future potential needs.

Spend time selecting home elements such as doors because then you’ll enjoy them for years to come.


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  1. Hello Rebecca,

    I have just enjoyed reading your articles that I found will researching mirrored single panel doors. I have had trouble finding this type of door and I am hoping you could give me some leads. If you have any brand names that you would share with me, it would be most appreciated.
    Thank you, Mary Clark

    1. Mary,
      Thank you for comment. You can either special order a door or have the mirror added after installed. I like to specify 3 hinges as the door is heavier with a large mirror. Also a single panel door is the way to go. The same installer who does bath mirrors and shower doors can measure, provide and install your door mirror.

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