Cozy Home

“I want my home to be cozy, a warm inviting family house.”  I often hear that when meeting clients for the first time. When you hear the word “cozy” what image pops into your mind? I think about homes I have designed on paper and then visited built and moved in to see them full of life with children  running around and laughing. I also think about a house I have never visited but have looked at enough it seems as if I have.

Carl Larsson Dining Room from the Carl Larsson website

One day I will go but until then here are pictures and paintings of Carl Larsson’s work and his home that inspired him. A renowned Swedish nineteenth century painter. His wife was also a designer and designed many of the fabrics from curtains to table linens. I enjoy this house so much for 3 reasons:

  1. It is beautiful and comfortable in both in the pictures and the paintings,
  2. The watercolor paintings are stunning and tell a story of life at that time of  a happy family in a happy home. I am drawn to paintings of everyday life.  
  3. I like the fact that this house was far from the normal of the day as they surrounded themselves with color, textiles, and furniture that made them comfortable. This house is timeless as comfortable now as it was over 100 years ago.
CARL LARSSON, painting "Till en liten vira" (Getting ready for a little game), 1901. National Museum, Stockholm

Here is a link to the official website! Enjoy!

Here is a quote from the website:

The stark colours of the dining room may not seem all that remarkable to us now, but writers and critics of the time were merciless when it came to the ”raw” colours and the simple chairs that the Larssons had ordered from carpenter Arnbom in Sundborn. A conventional dining room at the end of the 19th century ought to have dark furniture and make a dignified impression.

Carl Larsson Dining Room



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