Homeowner’s Chart of Highs and Lows!

 I love this chart by David Lupberger. There are many highs and unfortunately some lows when building a custom or how I like to think of it being a handmade home. This is a very realistic chart every homeowner should keep handy to help understand why some site visits are fun and exciting and others not so much.

Homeowner’s Emotional Roller Coaster by David Lupberger

The design stage is always fun because anything is possible and seeing the possibilities hopefully will take your breath away. When the construction drawings are done,  you want to get started. YESTERDAY! You are excited to begin but it takes time to price an accurate and complete estimate so the bidding and contract stage can seem to drag. You want to start! Today.

 The first time you actually walk through your freshly framed home is a moment you won’t forget. You have imagined this space for months maybe years and now you are standing there. It isn’t done or nearly complete just framed and but you can SEE it for the first time. Framing can be fast. A large skilled crew can work magically fast. Too fast sometimes! It makes other stages painfully slow and while I hesitate to say unexciting to not offend my favorite electricians or HVAC team it just isn’t as readily apparent what has happened in a day”s time. Yes you will appreciate your cozy comfortable well lit home for years to come.

 Add in a schedule delay due to weather or sequencing or life and the finishes can be a slow process. You have seen it and now you want to live it!  Did I mention framing is fast? Too fast! Anything handmade takes time! Your custom dream home will be done but allow it time and watch the chart. Also feel free to speak up! Asking questions will help you understand where on the chart you are. Soon you will be living in your handmade home!


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