Home Inspiration

After years of designing homes, I never fail to be inspired by my clients! I recently met with a client who carefully put together an image board of how she envisions her future home.  I was speechless. I have had clients hand me scrap books filled with pictures, bankers boxes with post-it noted books, binders sorted by rooms, journals with quotes and even once a model built to scale complete with furniture. This board is perfect. It tells the story of exactly what she is thinking.

Home Inspiration board carefully created by a client

Although it might be tempting to save everything and post it online to Pin Interest, being able to have the actual images pinned to the card board allow a discussion picture by picture of why it was selected. I have hovered over computer screens and looked at tiny pictures on phones so often lately it is a joy to see the real picture! It will also give us a chance to explain to bidding contractors potentially building the house an idea of what is desired that drawings and specifications can’t as quickly explain.

Reviewing each picture allows the home story to unfold. Of all the kitchen pictures each was selected for different reasons, one the island, one the cabinet style, and yet another displays the storage shelves. If there are many similar pictures it can mean a certain style or detail is desired while one picture may mean  “I want this exact feature!” The screen porches featured on the board although different homes both feature a beautiful stone fireplace.

It is easy for me to stare at the board and instantly get a feeling of what needs to happen for her home dream to come true. I was stuck the other day trying to figure a design solution that made sense and it was great to glance at the board for inspiration. Plus a secret is when you have client work this hard to gather pictures and show you what they like it makes the architect work even harder to assure that the home will be wonderful.

It is a round of inspiration for all to enjoy!


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