Steve Jobs’ Architect

Inspiring story about Steve Jobs and his collaboration with architect Peter Bohlin. Why he hired an architect known for large projects  and also for designing homes.

Peter Bohlin “I remember when Steve first hired us, he said: ‘I hired you because you’ve done very good large buildings, and you’ve done great houses.’ If you’re doing houses, then you’re thinking about the subtleties of a building.’ 

“The best clients, to my mind, don’t say that whatever you do is fine,” Mr. Bohlin said last week, a few days after Mr. Jobs’s death. “They’re intertwined in the process. When I look back, it’s hard to remember who had what thought when. That’s the best, most satisfying work, whether a large building or a house.”

As a residential  architect that is the goal for me! Creating a great solution because of the  intertwining! When a client says WE designed this home, I know it is a success. The client has their ideas realized, enhanced and ultimately built by working together. Design should be a fun process! Although it takes work…lots of hard work it should be rewarding. You are creating a home for your family and friends to be nurtured, entertained and comforted. To have a space tailored to your needs, there has to be collaboration a give and take of ideas. This is a custom project for you. You should feel free to speak up and push the design process and ask questions. Many questions. Bring pictures, ideas and share thoughts about how you see your house today and in ten years and beyond. Think about how does your home feel filled with friends and family or on a daily basis when it is quiet and place to recharge. It is your home but you need to add your input to make it yours! Enjoy the process and make it a collaboration and one day you will be able to say “I designed my home!”


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