Squirrel’s Happy Halloween Home

Happy Halloween! I couldn't resist.  A fun celebration of my 20th post! A perfect custom home! He got a jump start on carving!  My kids will  happily carve windows (eyes) too! Maybe even skylights also! He might not like the fireplace (candle) though! Enjoy!    


What is home? Is your story waiting to be built?

As a residential architect, it is always exciting when a client reveals pictures of what their dream home will be. For me, it is similar to unwrapping a gift with the anticipation of what could it be possibly be? Tearing off the ribbon, ripping the paper, opening the box and squealing with delight! Wow what a... Continue Reading →

Residential Architect

 “Residential Architect?  What exactly do you do?” I am often asked. Easy answer: I translate a homeowner’s dreams into drawings that can get their home built.  Sounds easy enough but it takes design work to figure out the exact solution for a home that has been dreamt about for years. It is a give and take... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs’ Architect

Inspiring story about Steve Jobs and his collaboration with architect Peter Bohlin. Why he hired an architect known for large projects  and also for designing homes. Peter Bohlin "I remember when Steve first hired us, he said: ‘I hired you because you’ve done very good large buildings, and you’ve done great houses.’ If you’re doing houses, then... Continue Reading →

Roaring River Retreat

It is beautiful fall day, 75 degrees, sunny and a gentle breeze is tossing around leaves. I want to be outside! I want to be on vacation! Eagle's Eye, Roaring River Retreat   This retreat home is a second home built by the client to be shared with friends and family. It is has three distinct areas. A guest area which... Continue Reading →

Hope for your House

    Hope is what I heard at a recent Women’s Leadership Summit held in Kansas City a few weeks ago. I have my journal filled with amazing quotes from some of the most respected women in architecture.  With my one person firm specializing in residential design, sometimes I feel so busy that I don’t... Continue Reading →

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