Amazed, stunned, ecstatic, thrilled, pleased, inspired, proud, truly delighted! Every single happy emotion rolled through my mind when I saw these stained glass windows installed for the first time! They look great in the attached picture but feel beautiful in person as the sunlight dances through them. I was memorized watching the light change due to passing clouds.

Custom made stained glass windows!


As an architect, it doesn’t get any better than this! A beautiful room is finished and I am there sitting on a sofa enjoying it. Happy day! This is incredibly special to me because an amazing client designed and made these stained glass art pieces for her own home. I often design rooms, galleries, and spaces to showcase client’s collections or hobbies in their homes. Being able to personalize a client’s home is important me. It is fun to find out what a client enjoys and then figure how to best display it. It makes a house a home when items an owner enjoys are displayed.  Carefully presented items allow friends and guests a chance to learn more about the homeowner as items from trips, photographs or even awards are put on view.

The client who designed and made these windows and I are inspired by the architects Purcell and Elmslie. The original thought for completely renovating her home was to make this suburban ranch house more interesting by adding craftsman style character. The actual “bones” of the home suggested Prairie Style as the home had an existing simple but steady linear brick appeal. It felt more modern that craftsman with it’s “clean” lines!

The magic of these stained glass windows is that they showcase a homeowner’s talent which is just incredible to see! As this home renovation project progressed through the design drawing stage, the owner causally mentioned that she could design and even make stained glass windows. WHAT? YOU CAN MAKE WHAT? WOW! Now they are done and I am able to sit and enjoy them! A lesson to share: display what you enjoy whether you make it yourself or collect it will make your house your home!


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