Home Design Trends

Interested in Home Design Trends?  The American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey was just released for the second quarter. As a member of the trend panel, I concur...Home Offices and Mudrooms are on the top of my clients' lists plus an interest in outdoor living especially screen porches. Survey link:  http://www.aia.org/practicing/AIAB090807


“Will I like it?”

“How do I know if I am going to like it?”  I hear that question often in my architectural practice. Change can be exciting but it also can be difficult. Besides the cost, effort and stress there are dreams involved too! A certain room has been pictured in a client’s mind for many months or even years.... Continue Reading →

Living Fence

We have two fences around our pool. One is the safety required fence and the other was a delightful accident! When we bought our home years ago, our daughter was a toddler. The backyard of this existing 1960’s split level came with a pool smack dab in the middle. It proved difficult for a small... Continue Reading →

Coolaroos are Cool!

Fall is here! Labor Day weekend in the  Midwest ushered  in perfectly cool air after a week of extremely hot temperatures. Imagine it being over 100 degrees in the shade! Finally Sunday morning it felt refreshing outside. The first time in months! Sitting outside reading Sunday’s paper with a cup of hot coffee, made me... Continue Reading →


Amazed, stunned, ecstatic, thrilled, pleased, inspired, proud, truly delighted! Every single happy emotion rolled through my mind when I saw these stained glass windows installed for the first time! They look great in the attached picture but feel beautiful in person as the sunlight dances through them. I was memorized watching the light change due... Continue Reading →

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