Toto is in Kansas!

Did you know Toto was a brand of toilets? So with that said, Toto’s dual flush toilets are in Kansas actually in my home.  My powder room is pictured on the opinion page of today’s KC Star. It is featured in an editorial entitled “Cleaning up KC’s Confusing Tax System”. The caption reads “flush a toilet…fix a sewer” regarding raising tax money to fix the cities dilapidated sewer system.

My Dual Flush Toilet

A few years ago, the KC Star had an article in its Sunday homes section on saving water by replacing old water guzzling toilets. At the time, I was one of the few people in the area to have installed a new water saving dual flush toilet.  The reporter interviewed me and then a  KC Star photographer took a few pictures of my bathroom. Several friends called the day it was featured to razz me since I was quoted as saying “I love my toilet!” Which I do much my to my kids chagrin, thankfully I kept my maiden name and their middle school friends likely don’t read the Sunday home section!

 The dual flush toilets have two flush options, one button uses .9 gallons while the other uses the standard new 1.6 gallons. Depending on the “bowl cleanliness required” the appropriate  button is selected. It makes sense to me to save as much water as possible for many reasons. My main reason being it seems incredibly wasteful to use treated drinking water to flush! If I could use grey water for flushing I would. I decided until it was feasible to install a grey water system, I would use as little water as possible flushing.

 According to the EPA “Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of residential indoor water consumption” see more at

 I like everything about the Toto dual flush toilet. As an architect, I like it’s clean modern design. I always select a toilet with anchor bolts concealed within the stool…when anchors are exposed and covered with caps it provides yet another place to clean. I recommend to client’s the less places to catch dirt, the cleaner your home will be …so we think about every edge, even in trim, lighting and window coverings. I like the chance to explain the buttons to clients who always ask what I have done green in my own home. I like how my kids explain the buttons working to their friends…one is for #one, two is for #two! I especially like that for a moment kids have the chance to think about the saving water they use everyday!

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