Planning for Fido and Fluffy

The cool part about designing homes for my clients is tailoring their house to include pets! I have spent many hours over the years figuring out how to keep Fido happy and dry without having him leave muddy tracks through a house. Or figuring how to keep Fluffy the inside cat from going outside.  ... Continue Reading →


Show me the Money

Actually it is really “just tell me the price!” I like to know how much stuff costs. It helps me decide if I need it, want it or if it is even remotely close to the budget. I come by this honestly. I am the youngest in a big family. We had amazing camping vacations... Continue Reading →

Toto is in Kansas!

Did you know Toto was a brand of toilets? So with that said, Toto’s dual flush toilets are in Kansas actually in my home.  My powder room is pictured on the opinion page of today’s KC Star. It is featured in an editorial entitled “Cleaning up KC’s Confusing Tax System”. The caption reads “flush a toilet…fix... Continue Reading →

Candy and Porches

I was happy to see Halloween candy prominently displayed at my local grocery store last night! Fall is a welcome thought during these Dog Days of Summer. Okay, I confess, lately the weather in Kansas City has been perfect not too hot or too humid. I just enjoy fall, leaves and all. I have always lived with... Continue Reading →

An Arch for your home?

The arch featured in the picture below is unique in that it is actually over 2 feet deep so you can walk through it. This depth allows you to stand within the arched space. It gives quite an entrance to a family room. When this client’s home was finished and they had a house warming party a... Continue Reading →

An Architect’s Tile Pick

After years of designing my clients' master bathrooms, I finally finished mine. I have learned a few things over the years that I wanted to try out in my own bath. First it is important to know I love tile! I like how it is permanent, durable, and easy to clean but especially I like how it feels and... Continue Reading →

Not So Big House = a great book!

One book I always recommend to clients is The Not So Big House: A Blueprint For the Way We Really Live by Sarah Susanka.   Actually this is a series of books by the author who is an architect.  All the books are a great reference for anyone thinking or even dreaming about a new house or how to improve their... Continue Reading →

Architect? Do you need one?

Often a prospective client will call me and describe what home design problem they need solved.  Sometimes they are thinking about building a new home on property they own. Sometimes it is a problem that bugs them everyday with their existing home: the lack of a mudroom, a house that doesn’t allow them to entertain,... Continue Reading →

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